Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Fun Weekend

Last weekend was great it was so nice to see the sun and some of the snow melting. Come to find out we are going to get 6-8 more inches :( soon enough it will be nice out again! Well anyways the horses had a great time playing in the puddles and rolling in the mud. After the play we did do some work. LAZY Nash wow we need to build up his stamina again, but that will come with the more we get to work. Here are some picts...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting out and About

So last weekend it was beautiful weather.... so mom and I decided to take advantage of it since it might be the last. Saturday we took the horses (both of them :) to an open show in Elkorn. We met up with some friends there from Whitewater and the show was a benifit for a friend of mines mom, Dan Grunwald he was also a trainer in the MWMC this past April he trained a little black mare named Trust. Anyways... ariving at the show around noon I was able to take Nash in a Sr. walk trot class (spur of the moment thinking). I was more nervous than he was like always. There were 16 other horses in the class so it was a full one. Nash did everything that I asked him to do, he went right into the arena, worked on the rail or off, moved around horses and let horses move around him with no attitude. When the class was being placed Dan had me step out of line and said a few nice words about the Mustang that I was riding and about the Challenge. So even though I didn't place with Nash, I promoted the Mustangs again to new people. :) I only entered into one class but for the rest of the day he tied to the trailer with Shone and stood like a rock. And I had to show off a bit with him by having him bow and lay down on comand!!!

Standing so well at the trailer

After a long Saturday of being proper and clean at the show mom and I met up with some friends at Horsemans Park in Palmyra. People can camp there with horses or just day ride like we did. It was a great day and we rode for 4 hours! Shone did great for mom and Nash of corse was great as well. He is ok with being in the front of the group leading the way, the middle or bringing up the rear. Jessie also came with Rem and we went for a little run it was great to stretch their legs and let them just go. When we were back to the trailer and unsaddled Jessie and I let our 2 boys roll in the deep sand they love that... then Nash and Shone got cooled off with a bath.

Hi Mom and Shone
Nash is thirsty!!!
The group minus one... mom's taking the picture

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey Yall

Hey I just got back from Fort Worth Texas. I was invited to go to the Extreme Mustang Makeover by Patti. I flew on a plane for the first time ever and went to Texas it was great I loved it. There were a lot of horses and the facility was huge. I saw a few of the trainers that I met through the Challenge in Madison this past April. It was nice ta catch up with everyone and give back to my fellow trainers. It was breathtaking to see all of the things that can be done with the Mustangs in only 100 days. bridle-less riding and jumping through a hoop of fire... CRAZY!

I got to go to Billy Bobs in down town Fort Worth its a huge bar with a live band and a mechanical bull.. fun fun!

Then Sunday night after the adoption everyone went out to dinner at a great Mexican resturant!! The hole experience was amazing!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Long Long Time

Hey, not a lot new to report I have been really busy with work and other training projects but still always find time for my Nash. For a while there I was giving lessons to a young lady... So has horses but she just needed a boost to work with them. Then I was asked to work with a Walking horse... the owner does field trialing with him and wanted him to get used to a few things before going out. I have tought Beam to park out, stay in gate, ground tie, and get used to a cap gun and a wistle. He is doing very well with everything so far.

I have been working with Mr. Nash on liberty work we had touched on that a bit befor the competition but it was not enough. He is also working on his spins and flying lead changes and bath time.

We are also workin on his head set... not so bad with a loose rein

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Its Been A While

Hello to everyone it has been a long time since I have blogged and I appoligize for that... Everything has been going well with Nash and my other creatures. He and my mare Shoshone hae been getting along a lot better and Nash took to the goat without hesitation. Which supprised me a bit. He has been able to be out in the pasture without me supervising all the time which is nice not to worrie and he is out in the round pen all night with the others.
I have just been working on our transitions and head set, he is still a little rough when it comes to loping from a walk but thats ok it is getting better and for the time that I work on it he is coming along great!!!! I have also been working on pulling tires and playing with barrels...
And oh for the first time Nash got a bath with soap and everything he liked it, it was a nice hot day and everyone got a bath. He is also fine with the fly spray (everyone knows we are using alot of it this year the bugs are horid) and fly mask!!!
I am hoping to have pictures this weekend!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Day

Nash and myself Shoshone and my mom went for a trail ride today. It was great I love the trail and so do my ponies!!!! It was so nice because the bugs and deer flys are not to bad yet! Then when we got back from the trails I thought it was time to let Nash out in the went well actually I was shocked that I didn't have to fix fence lol!!! He touched the electric and didn't do it again, he is a smart guy!!! Here are some picts from today nothing to exciting I think that he was more interested in eating instead of running around!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lots left to do

The biggest battle is over I have Nash home with me for good but there are still of bit for me to teach him. Last weekend my mom, dad, and I srung a new top fence line and set up the round pen. Lately I have been lunging Nash and then letting him be out in the round long as he can see the mare he is fine but if she is out of his sight he starts to act up a bit, and by this I mean mostly paw and nicker for her. My mare went into heat the day befor the Horse Fair so Im sure that didn't help any, Im pretty sure she is out of it now though. I have yet to introduce Nash to the electric fence and I don't really know why I am procrastinating on that but I would like to go for a long trail ride and then turn him out in the pasture, so he is good and tired. I think that his time will be this weekend even if there is no long trail ride. He needs to get out and stretch his legs.

I would just like to once again thank all of my friends and family, everyone in the Mustang Pride Group, Patti and her husband, my mom and dad, and expecially Nash he is everything!!!!!!